Fast Cars/O Level/Daleks punk singles bundle

Image of Fast Cars/O Level/Daleks punk singles bundle


Just got the latest batch of early UK punk reissues in from Italy. Available as a bundle, details below. FREE SHIPPING IN US

A long-time personal fave, and I'm pleasantly surprised to this impossibly charming but unknown 1980 single reissued. Daleks manage to draw on several currents of the era's UK punk at the same time, basic Sham/Clash meets Rejects/Subs aggro, even a bit of Mob/Crass/Zounds shines through and it's all delivered with pure youthful naivete.

FAST CARS - Kids Just Wanna Dance 45
Irresistible and exemplary power pop in the late '70s UK style. 'Kids' has been reissued a couple times before but it's much too good to stay out of print for long. It's basically impossible not to love this single.

O LEVEL - The Malcolm EP
Yet another bona fide minor classic of early UK punk, this 1978 effort is masterminded by Television Personality Ed Ball. No surprise that it's a wonderful slab of scrappy teen DIY naivete a la TVP and Swell Maps, with rough melodies and drive intact.