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BLITZ - All Out Attack EP / PARTISANS - Police Story 45


One price for both of these monster punk classics, the first two releases on legendary UK82 label No Future back on the 7" vinyl they were intended for. Completely essential releases for anyone who likes punk rock.

BLITZ - All Out Attack EP (UP038)
Massively influential UK outfit Blitz dropped this four-song beast of a debut in 1981, the first release on definitive UK82 label No Future. Sales quickly out-paced demand and the record went on to shift over 25000 copies. Nonetheless, it's been unavailable in its intended format ever since, and with eBay prices steadily creeping higher, this seemed as good a time as any to reissue it properly. A relentlessly tough slab of raw hardcore punk that sits a lot closer to the likes of Negative Approach and early Agnostic Front than to most of its UK contemporaries, this was a huge favourite of mine as a teenager and I'm truly stoked to be reissuing it-- high-quality pressing in six-panel gatefold sleeve! VERY FEW LEFT

PARTISANS - Police Story b/w Killing Machine 45 (UP039)
Devastating first single from these teen Welsh punks, blazing through a quick set of peerless first-generation hardcore. Racing drums, desperate vocals and an absolutely incendiary chainsaw guitar attack make this one for the ages, sounding as every bit as vital and powerful now as it did back then. Another reissue culled from the No Future archives and getting the proper format it deserves for the first time in over thirty years! High quality pressing in repro jacket with insert. VERY FEW LEFT

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